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Posted: 15th Jul 2009

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?? lauren16th Jul 2009

Kinda spooky! I was taking pics from my bed. I will be moving soon so I thought to have a memory or 2 before Gladly relocating. sweetpea T16th Jul 2009

"here's where i used to live ... you can't see anything but it was cool" lauren16th Jul 2009

" Funny Girl! I'll post more interesting thingy's soon. Shoots! sweetpea T16th Jul 2009

gladly? where you moving to? lauren20th Jul 2009

I was going to 'temporarily' move out towards Lake Stevens. At this time, I live in a 55 & older park. Well since I am not 55… I am looking forward to the change in scenery. sweetpea T21st Jul 2009